In a BusinessWeek post titled, “Cap One’s Credit Snare,” writer Robert Berner explores exactly how Capital 1 profits through lending in order to subprime borrowers as well as cashing in upon high late and over the actual limit costs.  His findings supply a disturbing comprehension of Capital One’s credit card enterprise, and that from the credit card enterprise as a whole.

Capital One credit cards aren’t as funny his or her television advertisements make them seem.  In fact, their particular no headache rewards plan seems ironically titled because of the hassles Compare Credit Cards brought on one family members.  Over the course of 4 years, this family received 7 Capital A single credit cards together with credit restrictions ranging from $200 to $700.  With such low limits, it is easy to see how a very simple mistake could trigger an over the limit charge.

For example, assume you’ve got a 0% Credit Cards using a $200 limit.  You start by spending $140 upon groceries and the other $40 for a container of gasoline.  A few weeks later, you pullup at the service station and fill your tank with $22 in gas.  You’re right now over the reduce and the person receiving a $25 or higher late fee.  Ouch.  Now imagine doing in which seven instances.  For the family mentioned in BusinessWeek, which is exactly what occurred.  With their balances mounting from over the reduce fees, they will became struggling to keep up with obligations.  At one point, this particular couple had been paying within the limit fees and additional fees amounting to over $400 a month!  This was more than the limitations on a lot of their credit cards.

While Funds One charge cards were designated in Berner’s article, many other credit card issuers engage in comparable practices.  As consumers, it is important to know as much as possible about the Terms and Conditions connected to our bank cards.  For those with minor credit, merely getting a bank card can be an important step in improving credit scores.  But with low limit credit cards, the probability of going over the limit and getting hit with good fees raises tremendously.

Ultimately, it is our own responsibility to manage our credit score wisely.  Otherwise, Chase Credit Card issuers will not hesitate to adopt as much cash out of your wallet as possible.